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LMC 3403
Brittain Fellows
Comunidade de Capoeira Angola

Paulette Richards

Ph.D. in French Civilization, University of Virginia
First-year Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow

The most interesting class you have taught so far and why?
My most interesting class was LMC 3403 Technical Communication. In that course, students learn to create workplace genres, ranging from traditional print documents such as reports, proposals, and memos to electronic forms such as email and Web sites. They also learn how to skillfully assess the rhetorical situation underlying each of these genres.

In my specific section, my students completed one-minute video resumes. Watching and evaluating their work was really interesting.

What do you love about School of LMC?
I consider myself lucky being around such congenial colleagues and hard-working students!

Who inspires you?
Nelson Mandela. I believe that his spirit was unbroken through decades in prison and he lived to realize his vision.

Would you briefly describe your recent projects?
I have just completed a documentary video on mortgage fraud in Atlanta's Historic West End District. West End is in zip code 30310, which at one point had the highest rate of mortgage fraud in the country. My co-producer and I started the project as a way to educate communities about the issue and about strategies they can use to address mortgage fraud. During the 18 months it took to complete the video, the whole mortgage industry collapsed. Our documentary illustrates some of the abuses in the industry that contributed to that failure, and it was also screened in federal court at the sentencing of a felon convicted on over 80 counts of mortgage fraud.

Would you tell us an interesting fact or story about yourself?
I trained as a professional dancer and performed with several regional Modern Dance companies while I was in graduate school. This explains why I can never sit still in meetings and D-Ped seminar! I always have to get up and stretch.

What do you like to do outside the school?
I train with Comunidade de Capoeira Angola. I also practice artistic skating on roller blades. I love to bake, to garden, and sew.

What are your future plans?
I intend to produce more community-based documentaries. I am interested in the progress of the Beltline, which started as a Master's thesis at Georgia Tech. I am also interested in documenting the community gardening movement.

Prepared by Tanla Bilir